Anne Troutman

If you’ve ever visited the school counseling office, you may have noticed a plaque outside naming it the Anne Troutman Counseling Center. And if you’ve ever wondered who this Anne Troutman is, then today is your lucky day. Anne Troutman is the school counselor for the Business, Law, and Public Affairs Academy. She holds the distinction of being the third person hired for HVA back in 2007. For a full year before the school ever opened, she worked on planning the four academies, building the master schedule, and registering the first-ever Hawks for classes. In 2011 she left HVA to become a counseling coach for Knox County Schools. HVA named the school counseling center in her honor when she departed. When she adopted her daughter in 2014, she took some time off and then chose to go back to work in a school setting. She worked at Central High School for two years before coming back to the Valley in 2017. Her motto is “Do what is in the best interest of kids,” and after 25 years in education, she said “I still love my job. That is an accomplishment. My favorite part is problem solving and meeting and talking with students." Outside of school, Ms. Troutman enjoys playing with her daughter and being on the lake or at a beach. A LaFollette native, she holds three degrees from the University of Tennessee: a B.S. in Sociology; M.S. in Educational Psychology; and an Ed.S. in School Counseling.