Welcome Back!!!

Students have just returned to school after a great Summer Break!  As they prepare to jump back into academics, we want to share some of the changes here at RYS.


First, let's welcome Mrs. Clayton, our new Principal!  We're excited to have her, and look forward to some of the new ideas she's bringing with her to our school.


Along with Mrs. Clayton we have several new staff members including: Coach Russell, Mr. Holloman, and Mrs. Croft.


The RYS Library has been reorganized and actually looks like a Library now.  Thanks to MDC (Metro Drug Coalition), we have new books and will be kicking off the AR program within the next few weeks.  There will be prizes...we will have fun...and students AND teachers will be reading! We have added a Library/Media tab to our Site to let everyone know what's happening in the Library, so check it out from time to time to see what we've added as we update regularly!