ASPEN/Canvas Student Logins

Student Password Resets

We are in the process of resetting all student active directory passwords.  The new format is uppercase first initial, uppercase last initial, lowercase kcs, followed by the month and day of your child's birthday.  If your student's name was John Smith and their birthday was January 1st, then your student's password would be JSkcs0101.  This password change will affect school computer logons, PLE laptop logons, and Aspen/Canvas access for students.  Family portal and parent observer accounts are not impacted by this change. If you are experiencing difficulty with student logins please email with the subject line "password reset" and the student name and ID# in the message body.  Please be patient as we work through resetting all of these passwords for our students!
We cannot reset family portal accounts! Parents must contact the Knox County Helpdesk at (865) 594-1830 or