Mr. Watson's CMS Weekly Update

Mr. Watson's CMS Weekly Update



Good Afternoon Carter Middle School Families,



This is Mr. Watson, Principal of Carter Middle School, and I hope you are having a great weekend.   



Our basketball game for this coming Monday has been moved to later date. So no basketball games this week.



The Beta Club and FCA collected food items the last couple of weeks and collected enough food to provide 12 food baskets for identified families in our school.  Thanks to everyone that brought items to support this service project.


This past week 150 families received letters from me about being at-risk for being Chronically Absent.  Chronically Absenteeism is a new category being monitored by the state, as part of ESSA, and is now part of a school’s state report card.  A student is considered Chronically Absent or Chronically Out of School when they miss 10% or more of the school year.   The state is not looking at the reason behind the absence or missing school, they are just looking at the number of days out of school.  This is different than Truancy.  A student is considered truant when they have ten or more unexcused absences.  Once again, for Chronic Absenteeism they are not looking at whether it is an excused or unexcused absence, just the fact that they are not in school.   In a full school year if a student misses 17.5 days, then they are considered Chronically Absent.  The reason some of you received a letter this week is because at this point your student has missed ten percent or more of the school year up to this point, which means they have missed six or more days.  In some cases, the number of absences might be due to a one time medical situation or family situation and you might not miss any more days or very few the rest of the year.  If that is not the case and this rate continues, then at the end of the school year it would mean your student would be over the 17.5 day threshold and considered Chronically Absent.    On the state report card, Chronically Out of School counts as ten percent of the report card grade.  Last year we scored an F in this section because 22 percent of our students were Chronically Absent.   If you received a letter and you are having trouble getting your child to school, then call the school and we will work together to resolve the situation.  Together we are going to work hard to reduce this percentage and better our grade for this coming year, because an F is unacceptable.



We are out of school starting Wednesday, November 21st for the Thanksgiving Holidays.



Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day and thank you for your continued support of Carter Middle School.   Go Hornets!





Mr. Watson