Fall 2018 Lesson Schedule and Topics

Posted by PATRICIA LUTUMAYES on 11/29/2018 2:00:00 PM

These are the topic we have covered in Guidance class

so far this year. I will be adding to this list as we learn more.                     

 Lesson 1

- K Listening      

- 1st Grade Expectations/Goals 

- 2nd  Grade Goals- pt1

Lesson 2

- K Manners                 

- 1st Grade Empathy     

- 2nd Grade Goals -pt2

Lesson 3

- K Tattling Vs Reporting     

- 1st Grade Tattling Vs Reporting                         

- 2nd Grade Empathy

Lesson 4

- K Bullies             

- 1st Grade Bullies 

- 2nd Grade Bullies

Lesson 5

 - K Diversity/Everyone is Special

 - 1st Grade Diversity/ Everyone is special

 - 2nd Grade Diversity/ Everyone is special

Lesson 6

 - K Too Much of a good thing is bad 

 - 1st Grade Too Much of a good thing is bad

 - 2nd Grade Protect Yourself Rules

Lesson 7

 - K Protect Yourself Rules

 - 1st Grade Protect Yourself Rules

 - 2nd Grade Too Much of a good thing is bad

 Lesson 8 

  - K Gratitude

  - 1st Grade Gratitude

  - 2nd Grade Gratitude 



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