Hello From Our Art Teacher Ms. Kerns

Art Pallet



 Hello From Our Art Teacher Ms. Kerns


 Welcome to the Art Studio!

Things are changing in the art room. Your students are now considered artists and they will be learning how to successfully work in an art studio. Here are our art studio expectations for every student:

♣Explore the art materials
♣Plan and create projects
♣Talk and write about what you’ve created
♣Connect your art to your lives and the lives of other artists

♣Present your art to others
♣Clean up after yourself

For the safety of our students, please supply an old t-shirt for your student to wear for keeping their clothes clean. If you need help with this, send me an email nancy.kerns@knoxschools.org.

We are continuing to use Artsonia as our online art portfolio platform. If you do not have access to their portfolios, send me an email with your student’s full name and homeroom teacher. I will have an email sent to you from Artsonia.


 Artfully yours,


Ms. Kerns