Do you want kids when you get older?

Posted by K.L. on 9/11/2018

                I think I would want about 2-3 kids when I get older. I would be a good mom, care about my kids and teach them not to get in any trouble. I want my kids to grow up go from pre-k to college then graduate and have an amazing job and a nice family.

                Before I have kids I would want to graduate high school and go to college. I want my first kid when I’m about 19-20. I want to have 2 girls and a boy or 2 boys and a girl. I would love to have a great paying job so when my kids wants or needs anything I could provide it. I want my kids to have friends and have fun while they are young.

                In conclusion I think I would love to have kids so I could have a happy life and come home to something meaningful to me and laugh and love. I know my kids will listen to me I will always have their back through whatever they are going through. I will not fight or argue in front of my kids. I want my kids to focus on school and live like a child should live.