Supply Lists

2019-2020 Supply Lists:


Important Note:


Powell Middle School does not allow students to carry any type of backpack from class to class. Students may carry their supplies to/from their lockers in the morning and afternoons and hang the backpack in the locker. However, we only allow a string/cinch bag to be used to carry supplies from class to class. Therefore, all students will need a string/cinch bag, if your child chooses to carry one during the day.


An updated link to the 2019-2020 Supply lists is located in the margin to the left. Please understand that with new staff additions over the summer, some items will not be known until school is back in session. Teachers will be very accommodating and flexible to allow time for those newer items to be purchased. 


Finally, in an effort to be more cost-friendly, we have tried to supply individual teacher names with appropriate lists whenever possible. However, please understand that when schedules are released in late July, some schedules might still change for a variety of reasons, which would effect the supply lists.  We truly appreciate your patience and understanding regarding schedules and supply lists.