Moc In a Minute

On November 22 and 23, from 3-7 pm at the Hilton Downtown University of Tennessee Chattanooga will be in town!

This year, we have decided to make Moc Minute an appointment-based program. This means that students will sign up for a specific time slot (30 minutes) where their file will be processed. Additionally, to accommodate all the students who want to attend, Moc Minute will take place over multiple days in each location. This will allow us to process files quickly, efficiently, and safely for all attendees.

Students who attend will receive an application fee waiver and an admissions decision if they bring the required documents for admission (transcript & act scores for traditional applicants, transcript & academic recommendation for test optional) and one of our new accepted t-shirts after they have been admitted. This will be the last opportunity in 2021 to receive an application fee waiver. Please remember to remind your students that they MUST apply no later than a day before attending Moc Minute.