What are the priorities for granting transfers?

Once an application has been verified, all requests for general transfer will be electronically assigned a number using a lottery-style process. School assignment will be made in order of the assigned number within the ordered priorities listed below per BOE Policy and Procedure J-152:
  1. By teachers to transfer their childto the school in which they teach
  2. By contract employee for their children
  3. For entry into a Magnet School or to continue in the magnet school feeder program
  4. For continuation in the Project GRAD program 
  5. For pursuit of an academic course of study. Transfers based on academiccourse of study will be considered only for a complete course of study such as two, three or four year program of study that is not available at a base schoolor where the base school is unable to offer a comparable course of study. Transfers requested for a single class do not constitute a complete course ofstudy and will be handled as a general transfer request
  6. For students who have a sibling presently enrolled at the requested schoolwho will continue to be enrolled in the year the requested transfer is effective. For purposes of transfers, a sibling is defined as a brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, stepbrother, stepsister, or foster child living in the same household
  7. For students not meeting any of the above criteria
  8. Out of district students