2018-2019 School Supplies

Supplies 2018-2019 School Supplies
All freshmen:

Your required school supplies for the 18-19 school year are listed below. These are the basic supplies you should bring to school at the start of the year to be prepared for each day. You can't expect to be successful if you don't show up with the tools you need everyday!  If you need help getting some of these items, come by the Merlin Office and speak with one of us.  We can help you find resources in the school.  

To ensure that your year starts off well and continues successfully, please have:

  • Chromebook, charged and ready to go each day.
  • Binders for each class
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Notebook paper
  • Highlighters
  • Bookbag
  • 2 Locks: 1 for main school locker (each student is responsible for one) and 1 for the gym locker area for Lifetime Wellness

Individual teachers may ask you to provide other supplies throughout the year (notecards, colored pencils, additional binder dividers), but in general, please arrive with the above items at the beginning of the year.