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South-Doyle High School to Cut Ribbon on 21st Century Library


Superintendent Bob Thomas
Knox County Board of Education Member Amber Rountree
Donors Randy and Jenny Boyd
Buzz Thomas, President of Great Schools Partnership
Principal Tim Berry and other SDHS staff



1:30 p.m. on Friday, March 2



South-Doyle High School (2020 Tipton Station Road)


South-Doyle High School has long struggled to balance its needs with physical restrictions. These restrictions prevented the school from fully realizing the potential of its 1:1 technology and personalized learning initiatives. Two years ago, asbestos was discovered in the space and a two-month abatement process began that closed the library doors. District and school leaders saw an incredible opportunity to think outside the box and create a dynamic space that would become the hub of the school using media services that would motivate and excite students. Thanks to the generous donation of Randy and Jenny Boyd a 21st century library and media center came to life.

Two or more board members may be present.