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DEO Steering Committee to Hold Community Meeting


DEO Task Force Steering Committee (a full list of committee members is provided here.)



6-8 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 16



Central High School Auditorium (5321 Jacksboro Pike)


The Disparities in Educational Outcomes (DEO) Steering Committee was appointed by the Superintendent one year ago to ensure that recommendations included in the 2016-17 DEO Task Force Report to the Community are accomplished in a timely manner. Among those recommendations were updates of district discipline policies and the requirements of cultural competency training for teachers and staff. Progress on those recommendations will be presented and community members will have the opportunity to respond and ask questions. The meeting will begin in the school auditorium and be followed by a short period for small group breakout sessions; it will close with a general question and answer session.


Two or more board members may be present.