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Redevelopment of Beaumont Playspace Underway


Great Schools Partnerships, Beaumont Magnet Academy, and community partners: Exact Tile, Paulk & Co., Greg Tune, Bird on the Wire Studios and Jaccard Construction



11 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 18



Beaumont Magnet Academy (1211 Beaumont Ave)


Seven artists have been working to redevelop the playground and landscape at the Beaumont Arts Playspace later this week. The work is funded by Farmers Group, Inc., a “Dream Big Teacher Challenge” grant awarded to Great Schools Partnership.


Benches and a sculptured archway from Paulk & Co. and Greg Tune will be installed. Bird on the Wire Studios and Jaccard Construction have built an outdoor theater, classroom and Sound Garden (that features outdoor musical instruments).


Exact Tile will be installing a tile mosaic on the playground steps. The mosaic was created by each of the school’s art classes with help from Bailey Earith, who is an artist-in-residence who worked with students in May. This should be an interesting visual and will really be getting underway at 11 a.m.