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Vine Students to Travel for Experiment Launch to Space


Vine Middle School Students



6:30 a.m., Sunday, Aug. 13



Vine Middle School (1807 Martin Luther King Jr Ave)


Students from Vine Middle School are traveling to Cape Canaveral to see their SSEP experiment launch into space. The group is currently slated to leave on Sunday, Aug. 13 and return on Monday, Aug. 14. Because the space shuttle launch is scheduled based on weather, a delay is possible.


The student experiment being launched seeks to determine the effect of microgravity on the removal of the harmful toxin-producing blue-green algae that exists in the world’s marine environments. These algae are present in surface waters and excessive growths can cause taste and odor problems, create difficulties for water filtration and pose potential health risks. The results of this experiment could lead to more access to clean water in space and maybe be a great benefit for any future inhabitable environments on other planets.