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Beaumont Magnet Academy Currently in 1st place for $100,000 Grant; Voting Continues Through Oct. 31

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 14, 2016 – Beaumont Magnet Academy, the only elementary arts magnet school in Knox County, is currently in first place out of 15 finalists for a $100,000 grant sponsored by Farmers Insurance. 

The rankings update, released halfway through the contest, shows Beaumont in first place based on the number of online votes received. Voting began on Oct. 1 and will continue through Oct. 31. Another rankings update will be provided on Oct. 25. Each person can vote once per day.

Beaumont art teacher Cheryl Burchett, who authored the grant proposal, credits her school’s success to an incredibly dedicated group of teachers and parents. “We have a wonderful community of very dedicated staff and families. Our campaign has been mostly on social media, with families sharing our proposal all over the U.S. We’ve also talked to a lot of individuals and handed out a lot of flyers at local Knoxville events. We’ve had volunteers at the Llama Races, the Farmers’ Market and Open Streets.” 

Beaumont is the only school in Tennessee selected as a finalist in the grant contest. BMA’s proposal for the $100,000 is to create several arts-themed areas on the existing BMA playground. The new playground features would be available for both school and community use.

Beginning Monday (Oct. 17-24), Beaumont will be decorated in large signs proclaiming “We’re #1!” The helpers at student drop off and pick up will also have large “foam finger” type signs with the same message.

“I spent a lot of time covering the school in signs for the voting kickoff party. I don’t mind spending more time making these signs, because this is a HUGE celebration of how amazing Beaumont is,” Burchett said. “But I am hoping to still be No. 1 when the rankings are released again on Oct. 25. I’d love to feel really secure heading into the end of the contest, but also it would be nice to just leave the No. 1 signs up!”

Beaumont needs everyone to continue voting online in order to keep its lead and win $100,000. The school has created a website,, that directs the public to the voting website. Scroll down to find Cheryl Burchett and enter your information. You have to confirm your vote through an email sent to you by Farmers Insurance to finalize the process.

For information on the proposal and to vote, visit Contact Cheryl Burchett at for more information.