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KCS/PTA Teacher Supply Depot Still A Success

Over three hundred Knox County Schools teachers got up early on Saturday morning, August 6th, to take advantage of the first opening for 2016-2017 of the KCS PTA Teacher Supply Opening. It was worth it. At the end of their “shopping” trip, many had boxes of school and office supplies totaling well over $200!

Among the attendees, around 30% were brand new teachers and they were delighted to find so many of the items they need for their classrooms – from markers, to paper, to craft materials, to books, to posters, to organizers.

The Teacher Supply Depot has been around for 15 years and is housed in the upper floor of the former Cedar Bluff Intermediate School on Cedar Bluff Road. Donations are accepted year-round and additional popular supplies are bought using monetary donations.

Other openings will occur in October, January and April. Teachers who join the Depot PTA for only $10 are also eligible to attend special openings throughout the school year.
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