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Inclement Weather Information

As the winter months are in full swing, the Public Affairs office would like to remind teachers, parents and students of the inclement weather procedures. Before making the decision to delay or close school due to inclement weather, Superintendent Jim McIntyre relies on critical input from a variety of sources within the Knox County Schools and from outside agencies.

Either early in the morning or throughout an uncertain weather day, McIntyre consults with the Knox County Schools’ transportation, security, maintenance and curriculum and instruction departments, and various city and county government agencies, including law enforcement and engineering and public works, are also consulted. Additionally, the National Weather Service is contacted to obtain up-to-date information.

In the event the superintendent decides to delay, cancel or dismiss school early, the Public Affairs office will begin immediately disseminating the information via

• automated phone messages to staff and parents
• a posting to the school system website,
• notification to primary local news media outlets and
• social media posting via Twitter and Facebook

If school is not in session or is dismissed early due to inclement weather, all scheduled activities in which students are involved will also generally be postponed or cancelled. Please contact your child’s school or check the school’s web page should you have any questions on extracurricular activities.

To receive the latest information on school delays and closures due to inclement weather, listen for information delivered to you by phone through the SchoolMessenger automated system; visit; tune in to your local media outlets; or follow us on Twitter via @knoxschools.

For more information, please consult the Knox County Schools Emergency Closings Policy and the Knox County Schools Administrative Procedure on School Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather.