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School Visitors Become Principal for a Day

Knox County business and community leaders spent half of their day in the principal’s office on November 19 as part of the Knox County Schools Principal for a Day program. “Principals” were also in the classroom, the cafeteria, in teacher meetings, and more.


One of the main goals of the Knox County Schools’ five-year strategic plan to achieve Excellence for Every Child is to partner with our stakeholders by helping them feel invited, welcomed, and engaged in our district’s work. The Principal for a Day program is a unique way to reach a variety of stakeholders, but also a great way to garner valuable input and feedback from participants.


This year, Principal for a Day brought together government, civic, non-profit, community, and business leaders to participate in a half-day experience with school principals at 60 schools. Most “principals” began their day as students arrived on campuses across the district. Bus duty was followed by time spent meeting with administrators, visiting classrooms, engaging with teachers, interacting with support staff, and experiencing the gamut of school life first hand. 


At the end of the program, the almost 80 Principal for a Day participants along with their hosting principals were invited to attend a luncheon/feedback session with Dr. McIntyre where they could share their experiences and further discuss what role the business community could play in helping achieve our vision. The luncheon was hosted in the West High School library.


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