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Knox County Schools Makes Strong Academic Gains

District meets all eleven academic performance targets set by the state.
The Tennessee Department of Education has released district- and school-level achievement and gap closure data for the 2014-15 school year, and the Knox County Schools continues to show significant progress in increasing academic proficiency rates and value-added growth, meeting state performance targets, and closing achievement gaps defined by income, race, disability and language.
Highlights from the 2014-15 data for the Knox County Schools include:
  • Composite Level 5 score on Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) as well as Level 5—the highest level attainable—for Literacy, Numeracy, and Combined Literacy and Numeracy
  • Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs), or yearly state achievement targets, were met in 11 out of 11 categories
  • Excellent progress in closing 11 out of 16 achievement gaps (subject area/subgroup combinations) that are defined by income, race, disability and language
  • At the high school level, improvement in 6 of the 7 subjects tested, with outcomes in 5 of those subjects representing the best performance ever since the new, radically higher academic standards were enacted in 2010
  • Increases in proficiency over last year in 80% of the grade-subject combinations tested (20 out of 25)
“These exciting results are further proof that our tremendously talented educators are providing high-quality instruction in our classrooms every day,” said Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of the Knox County Schools. “As we embark on a new school year, I am extremely encouraged by our strong and steady progress toward achieving our very ambitious goal of Excellence for Every Child.”
The Tennessee Department of Education plans to release district determinations and Reward Schools in early August.