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Leaders of Education, Community Come Together

Each November, community and business leaders spend time in schools as part of the Knox County Schools’ Principal for a Day program. This summer, principals reciprocated by spending time with leaders of our community.

Called Principal for a Day: Reciprocal Experience, the inaugural program facilitated more than 35 principals and community/business leaders spending time during the summer outside of the school building and inside of the business environment. This reciprocal experience
  • helps principals gain knowledge from business/community leaders
  • underpins principals’ knowledge of challenges and opportunities in the business community
  • expands community leaders’ awareness of challenges and successes in the Knox County Schools
  • improves the mechanism for meaningful feedback from community stakeholders to strengthen community partnerships and
  • opens opportunities for business/community-school partnerships to be formed

On July 20, all participants, along with school district leaders, Knox County Board of Education Chair Mike McMillan and Superintendent Jim McIntyre, came together to discuss their experiences during the reciprocal visits. Insights included
  • similarities between managing a school and managing a business or community entity
  • celebrating successes
  • vision planning
  • developing ways to help students gain real-world experience
  • cultivating a culture of excellence
  • managing change
  • leadership skills and more
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