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Knox County Schools, Great Schools Partnership announce Community School Expansion

Date: 6/4/2015
News Release Number: 15-074

The Knox County Schools and the Great Schools Partnership have announced its community schools initiative is expanding to include three additional schools: Beaumont Magnet Academy, Dogwood Elementary and Northwest Middle School beginning in the 2015-16 school year.

Community Schools are a strategy for aligning community resources for student success, family health and neighborhood safety. Community Schools stay open into the evening and offer additional instructional time as well as recreational, arts, mental health, adult education and other ervices. Each Community school is managed by a site-steering committee composed of school staff, teachers, parents, businesses and ther community leaders. Community Schools are funded through a blend of public andprivate contributions.
“The Community Schools concept recognizes that the school truly is the center of the community,” said Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of the Knox County Schools. “If we can extend learning opportunities for children, while also meeting the non-academic needs of our students and their families, our children will come to the classroom better prepared to learn and succeed.”

“We look forward to partnering with school administrators, staff, students and parents, along with neighborhood leaders, businesses and other stakeholders in these three schools,” said Stephanie Welch, VP of Operations for Community Schools at the Great Schools Partnership. “Working together, we will move closer to the vision of healthy communities with schools at the center”

In addition to Beaumont Magnet Academy, Dogwood Elementary and Northwest Middle School, the Knox County Schools and the Great Schools Partnership also provide Community Schools at the following locations: South Knoxville Elementary, Christenberry Elementary, Green Magnet Academy, Lonsdale Elementary, Norwood Elementary, Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy and Vine Middle Magnet School. The Knox County Schools has one Community School in partnership with the University of Tennessee: Pond Gap Elementary.

The mission of the Great Schools Partnership is to serve as a think-tank, catalyst, incubator, start-up funder and operational partner for making Knox County Schools globally competitive. A free-standing public charity, the Great Schools Partnership has been instrumental in leveraging and/or creating programs such as birth to kindergarten, early literacy initiatives, the TAP Program (formerly known as the Teacher Advancement Program), summer bridge programs for struggling students, distance learning programs, learning labs, teacher mentoring/induction programs, Thank a Teacher Week and more. For more information on the Great Schools Partnership, please call (865) 215-4501 or visit our website at
Points of Contact at Knox County Schools are
Melissa Ogden, 594-1905 or
Amanda Johnson, 594-2972 or
Excellence for All Children
Twitter: @knoxschools
Point of Contact at the Great Schools Partnership are
Stephanie Welch, 368-5307 or