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600-Year-Old University Visits Farragut High School; Mayor’s Proclamation Scheduled

The 600-year-old University of St. Andrews, Scotland, will be represented at Farragut High School (11237 Kingston Pike) on April 22, 2015, 2:45 p.m., in the school’s media center. As part of a welcoming ceremony, the historic visit will be commemorated with a proclamation from Town of Farragut Mayor Ralph McGill.
University of St. Andrews Director and North American Advisor Alexander Allen is visiting the school to discuss study abroad programs and the college process, share insights from six centuries of educating students and learn more about Farragut High School and the American education system. Farragut High School students, teachers, counselors and others will have the opportunity to speak with Allen. In all, he will visit four schools in Tennessee and other schools in the South.
The University of St. Andrews, a research and education university, is celebrating its 600th year of educating global students. Founded in 1413, the school is Scotland’s first university and the third oldest English-speaking university in the world. The future King of England, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, as well as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attended St. Andrews.
Earlier this year, Allen hosted Farragut High School College Counselor Susan Bolinger, along with a handful of other counselors from around the world, at the 2015 College Counsellors Conference in Scotland to learn more about the value of and process for students studying abroad.