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Community Eligibility Provision Benefits Students in 52 Schools

This school year, all students in 52 Knox County schools will benefit from breakfast and lunch at no charge through the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), a nationwide program funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Through the CEP program, all students enrolled at the qualifying schools receive meals free of charge each day, regardless of the students’ economic status. The USDA determines the criteria to assess which schools qualify, and the program does not require funding from the Knox County Schools. The CEP will be available throughout the 2014-2015 school year with potential for extension into future years.

“This program will enable us to feed many more children at many of our schools,” said Jon Dickl, Executive Director of Nutrition for the Knox County Schools. “Children who regularly have access to healthy meals are more ready and able to learn in the classroom.”

In addition to providing the benefit of meals at no charge, the Community Eligibility Provision also reduces paperwork for schools and families. Parents are not required to complete applications, and schools no longer must certify student eligibility.

Because all students in the 52 schools receive meals free of charge, applications for the federal government’s Free and Reduced Meal program are no longer needed at these schools. All other schools in the Knox County Schools will continue to participate in the Free and Reduced Meal program, and applications will be required for these schools. To download the Free and Reduced Meal application, visit

 2014-2015 Community Eligibility Provision
Knox County Schools’ Qualifying Schools
 Adrian Burnett Elementary School  Maynard Elementary School
 Austin-East Magnet High School  Mooreland Heights Elementary School
 Bearden Middle School  Mount Olive Elementary School
 Beaumont Magnet Academy  New Hopewell Elementary School
 Belle Morris Elementary Schools  Northwest Middle School
 Career Magnet Academy  Norwood Elementary School
 Carter Elementary School  Paul L. Kelley Volunteer Academy
 Carter Middle School   Pleasant Ridge Elementary School
 Carter High School  Pond Gap Elementary School
 Central High School  Richard Yoakley School
 Chilhowee Intermediate School  Ridgedale Alternative School
 Christenberry Elementary School  Ritta Elementary School
 Copper Ridge Elementary School  Sam E. Hill Family Center
 Dogwood Elementary School  Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy
 East Knox County Elementary School  South-Doyle Middle School
 Fair Garden Family Center  South-Doyle High School
 Fort Sanders Education Development Center  South Knoxville Elementary School
 Fountain City Elementary School  Spring Hill Elementary School
 Fulton High School  Sterchi Elementary School
 Gap Creek Elementary School  Sunnyview Primary School
 Green Magnet Academy  Vine Middle Magnet School
 Gresham Middle School  West Haven Elementary School
 Inskip Elementary School  West Hills Elementary School
 Knoxville Adaptive Education Center  West View Elementary School
 Lonsdale Elementary School  Whittle Springs Middle School

For more information about the Community Eligibility Provision, visit meals/community-eligibility-provision.