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TCAP Grade Inclusion Waiver granted for Grades 3-8

May 21, 2014 
The Tennessee Department of Education announced on Tuesday, May 20th that TCAP quick scores would be delayed by about 10 days. Because of this delay, the Knox County Schools (along with many school systems across the state) applied for and received a waiver from the requirement to integrate TCAP scores into student grades for the 2013-14 school year. Therefore, the grades students received in their report cards yesterday, or those mailed in the next few days, will be their final grades.

The decision to apply for a waiver was not taken lightly, with many considerations weighing on both sides of that decision. Teachers and students worked hard to prepare for TCAPs and were expecting them to be a part of the second semester grade. However, without the waiver, the delay in scores would have caused student grades to remain preliminary and subject to change until August when teachers came back to school and were able to make appropriate adjustments based on TCAP scores. This dynamic would have been further complicated by the absence of the few hundred teachers who retire or resign each year. Ultimately, it appeared that requesting the waiver would be the best and least disruptive solution to a difficult situation caused by the delay in TCAP scores.

Please note that students in Kindergarten through grade two and high school students were not affected by the delay in quick scores, nor the waiver.