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Track Your Child's Bus

New this year, many parents have the opportunity to track their child’s school bus in real time to and from school. The new tracking service, called “Where’s My Bus?”, requires access to the internet and parent registration. The service is available for regular, in-zone, assigned school buses. In short, it tracks the regular bus a student is assigned to ride. Because they do not follow standard routes, buses transporting students to pre-school, special education, magnet and other unique programs are not included in the service.

Registering and setting up the parent/guardian account is easy: Parents should simply go to and click on “Where’s My Bus Instructions.” A few steps will lead parents through the process of setting up an account to use the tracking service. For assistance, parents can contact the Knox County Schools Transportation Department at 594-1550.

The on-screen image of a bus’s progress is in real time and very detailed, including street names, intersections and landmarks. The service helps parents know when their children arrive at school and home, and it can help parents see the progress of a bus that might be delayed.

“Where’s My Bus?” uses a web-based program that communicates with technology on many of the buses that serve the Knox County Schools. This service was a new feature offered by a transportation-information program already in use by the Knox County Schools, so no additional funds were required to implement the service.