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Magnet Showcase set for Oct. 23; Open Houses Announced

The annual Knox County Schools Magnet Showcase will be held on Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014, 5-7 p.m., at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, 700 Hall of Fame Drive. The showcase gives students, parents and community members an opportunity to learn about all nine magnet schools in the Knox County Schools.

At the showcase, each magnet school will have information available about the school's program, eligibility and more. Students and parents can also complete transfer applications with the assistance of representatives from the Knox County Schools Enrollment and Transportation departments. Transfer request forms are also available online and at magnet school locations.

Parking for the Magnet Showcase is available at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, the adjoining Marriott Hotel and the adjacent James White’s Fort, 205 East Hill Avenue.

Magnet schools provide unique learning opportunities in specific areas or themes not offered in full at other Knox County Schools. Magnet programs are committed to increasing educational opportunities for students while promoting students’ interests, abilities and talents. The Knox County Schools magnet schools include these:

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

Open Houses, Exhibit Nights, Showcases
Open houses, exhibit nights and showcases have been scheduled for each Knox County magnet school.

During open houses, teachers, administrators and magnet staff will be available to provide tours and answer questions about programs available at each school, and exhibit nights and showcases provide a way for the public to experience the work of students at the magnet schools.

For more information about magnet schools, contact the Knox County Schools Magnet Office at (865) 594-1731. Please note that two or more members of the Board of Education may be present at the Magnet Showcase.
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