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Our Compass Model

Our Compass Model, through the use of Student Advisory and Community Circles, is focused on empowering students and creating community and a sense of belonging for our students. Working the Compass means growing in body, mind, heart, and spirit as we strive to become the best that we can be. Our Community Commitments guide how we interact with each other in the Gibbs Middle School community. They exemplify who we are, what we believe, and what we value.

  • I commit to keeping myself and others safe.
  • I commit to leaving no community member behind.
  • I commit to seeking diversity of perspective.
  • I commit to speaking to the person, not about the person.
  • I commit to speaking from my heart but using my head.
  • I commit to working the compass.
  • I commit to walking my talk.
  • I commit to showing up with courage and determination.