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Change in Uniform Grading Policy

The State Legislature has amended TCA 49-6-407 concerning the uniform grading policy effective July 1, 2022.  This new law is not retroactive and counselors/registrars will have to juggle 2 different grading scales for the next 3 years.  The SIS department is working on how transcripts will be configured as well as how the 2 scales will be communicated to Higher Ed.
Beginning with this school year, the following scale will be used for grades:
90-100 - A
80-89 - B
70-79 - C
60-69 - D
Below 60 - F
Sometime this month, TDOE High School Policy 2.103 will be updated to reflect this change.  As of this writing, we are not sure if TDOE will change the policy regarding credit recovery (Any student who successfully completes a course through credit recovery will be awarded a grade of 70%.).  As soon as we hear about that piece of the policy, we will let you know.
Students who started a course on Edgenuity or Canvas prior to July 1, 2022, will be held accountable to the old grading scale regardless of when the student completes the course.