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BTS Message from Mr. Berry

Good evening parents and students and welcome back!


This is Tim Berry, Executive Principal of South-Doyle High School with some important reminders about our first day of school tomorrow.


First and foremost, attendance tomorrow is extremely important,as there will be a lot of shared information, making the start of school much easier for our students. Many student schedules got updated and cleaned up this weekend and a lot of new homerooms were created for a cleaner start of the school year. You have probably noticed some new language on the schedule,like Boost Block and Tribe Time, which are all new changes we believe are going to provide more enrichment, support, intervention for academics and more social time with friends through clubs and extended lunch times.


Students may go to their Aspen portal and pull down their newest schedule and if you don’t have the means to do that tonight, our counselors will be stationed in the cafeterias and hallways on both campuses before school starts, where you may pick up a hard copy. Any student with a blank schedule or holes where you may be missing a class, can report to the library once school begins. We will use this half day to make sure the students have the correct classes, know where they are going, explanations for all that is new and just opportunities to ask questions as they get to know their new teachers. So parents, tomorrow is really important for your kids.


I know there is a lot in the news about the pandemic restrictions, but for Knox County Schools, masks are optional and will not be required for anyone. Buses will run tmrw and your kids may want to arrive at the bus stop about 10-15 min earlier than normal to ensure the appropriate pickup, until bus drivers get acclimated to the new routes. If you are a car rider and you know which campus your first block class is, that is the campus you are to be dropped off. Administrator’s and teachers will be available to make sure everyone knows where to go and where to be dropped off once entering either campus. Student Drivers, tmrw is the very best day to pick up your parking passes, which are $50 for the year. While much of what we need to discuss, will be tomorrow, students need to know the bridge is open and all of our travels across Tipton Station Road, must be via the bridge and not on the road. This is especially important for student drivers who must park on Main, but walk to Young.


I believe this is enough for now. We are excited to have everyone back tomorrow and looking forward to an outstanding school year!


I wish nothing but Grace and peace to you all!