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Semester 2 Message from Mr. Berry

Dear South-Doyle parents and students,

This is Tim Berry, Executive Principal, with some important back to school updates.

First, I hope each of you were able to stay healthy and enjoy your holiday break. I know that many are still battling sickness in your respective families and I don’t really expect our local COVID numbers to improve just yet. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you all as we begin this journey again. I am thankful we made it as long as we did the first semester and we are ready to battle this again. Again, we are going to stress the importance of following protocols at school that give us the greatest chance for staying healthy, minimizing the chances for quarantine and finishing out the school year in-person. I will be going over these in detail tomorrow morning with the kids in our virtual assembly during advisory. We would like for you to stress the importance of wearing their masks, following the one-direction pathways to class, and social distancing as much as possible in all classes and in the cafeteria.

New Students / Virtual Students Returning to In-Person

The transition back to In-Person learning may be a little confusing for students who are new or were virtual learners last semester. We have created a google slide show, outlining campus expectations for COVID protocols. You may access using this link,  access on our school website or on the Student Announcement Canvas Course.


Knox County Board of Education mandates that during the pandemic, all visitors are restricted from entry into the school w/o an appointment. Please contact the teacher, administrator or office secretaries to schedule an in-person appointment. We are very happy to accommodate virtual meetings at your scheduled request as well.

Outside Food / Drink

Please discuss these restrictions with your students: No outside food or drink can be brought into the building or consumed in the hallways or classrooms. Obviously packed lunches are allowed and can be opened in the cafeteria during their scheduled lunches. All high schools in Knox County are closed campuses and students are not allowed to check out from school to go pick up lunch. These will be treated as class cuts and result in disciplinary actions.

Basketball Season

There are big changes to basketball, as TSSAA and the school district have placed new mandates, due to the frequency of COVID cancellations. Currently, Knox County Schools has mandated that fans will be restricted to only immediate family members of the basketball players. All teams in the IMAC Conference will have the same restrictions at our respective away games. A roster will be maintained at each ticket gate to gain entry and the limited fans will be required to wear mask and maintain social distancing guidelines between families.

Semester 2 Student Schedules

We are excited to start the Spring 2021 semester!  To find your student schedule, look for the S2 (Semester 2), Q3 (Quarter 3) and FY (Full-Year) classes listed in your Aspen account.  The periods or blocks for each class will be listed as P1 for Period 1, P2 for Period 2, P3 for Period 3, and P4 for Period 4.

For in-person students, we will have printed school maps available on both Main and Young Campus entrances on Tuesday morning, and we will have staff there to help direct you to your classes.

For virtual students, you may have some classes listed at 7am.  This means that they are asynchronous Quest courses.  You will be doing your work for those classes at the time of the day that best fits around your synchronous courses, and your teachers will be sending you an email with instructions regarding any asynchronous courses.

For any questions, please email your school counselor.

12th Grade-

11th Grade-

10th Grade-

9th Grade-

As I said previously, we are implementing strategies and procedures to give us the greatest chance to keep everyone safe and healthy, allow our students to complete their school year in-person and resume as many extra-curricular activities for as long as possible. Our goal is to exceed this expectation and finish this school year without interruptions to their learning and high school experiences. I ask that everyone please work with us to make this happen for your kids!

Grace and peace to you all!