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Semester 2 Student Schedules

We are excited to start the Spring 2021 semester!  To find your student schedule, look for the S2 (Semester 2), Q3 (Quarter 3) and FY (Full-Year) classes listed in your Aspen account.  The periods or blocks for each class will be listed as P1 for Period 1, P2 for Period 2, P3 for Period 3, and P4 for Period 4.

For in-person students, we will have printed school maps available on both Main and Young Campus entrances on Tuesday morning, and we will have staff there to help direct you to your classes.

For virtual students, you may have some classes listed at 7am.  This means that they are asynchronous Quest courses.  You will be doing your work for those classes at the time of the day that best fits around your synchronous courses, and your teachers will be sending you an email with instructions regarding any asynchronous courses.

For any questions, please email your school counselor.

12th Grade-

11th Grade-

10th Grade-

9th Grade-