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Summer Update

Parents and students,

This is Tim Berry, Executive Principal of South-Doyle High with a couple reminders and one important update.

First, I am still getting requests for the Virtual School option and that window closed almost a week ago. The district was kind and let me push a few through shortly after the window closed, but that time has come and gone. Counselors are in the process of redoing many, many schedules for those who met the deadline and got approval, but I am certainly not accepting any more late requests, so please pass this along.

Next, beginning at 3:00 today, we will start our second of three days for computer deployment. Thank you so much to the almost 300 students receiving devices yesterday. You were wearing your masks, had all of the signed paperwork, driver’s license and followed all of the directions on the school web-site. I never saw a long line and it appeared that most were out the door in a couple of minutes, so great job! We will run until 7:00 tonight and will run our third deployment from 8AM-12 Thursday morning. I am likely to schedule an extra, final deployment day early next week to accommodate all who have been on vacation this week and will release that date on Thursday. Please make sure you schedule your appointment for one of these remaining days. Next week, we will then begin training for parents and students on their new devices.

Finally, for all students enrolled in English courses that had summer reading assignments, we apologize for the breakdown in communications in some of our classes. Due to the error on our part, we are extending the deadline for the assignments to September 18th. This should provide an extra month after school begins to complete the assignment. Expect your teacher to communicate with you by Thursday to ensure you know the selection and assignment. We apologize for any stress or inconvenience this may have placed on our students and know we have already established a procedure to ensure it does not happen in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate through uncharted waters.

Grace & peace be with you all!