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Halls High Video Board Promotional Opportunities



Your still image ad will be showcased on the new VIDEO SCOREBOARD a minimum of 10 times during Halls Red Devil related events during the contracted year.  Each image will appear for 5 seconds.  Ads will run during pre-game, in-game, and half time, time permitting.  You are responsible for providing acceptable artwork for your on-screen advertisement in electronic format.


Select your option for Advertisement


Ad Type                              Price                      Reserve My  Space


Still Image Ad                     $500                   ____________________


End Zone Panels               $3000                 ____________________


Your signed contract, payment and artwork for your ad must be received prior to June 31st, 2024.  The minimum contract is $500.  Your ad investment is a tax deductible donation to Halls High General Athletics-a non profit organization dedicated to the betterment of our student athletes.


Make your check payable to:  Halls High General Athletics:  Att Video-board

Mail to:  Halls High School 4321 East Emory Rd.  Knoxville, TN  37938


Name of Company:________________________________________


Mailing Address:__________________________________________




Contract Amount:_________________________________________


Authorized by:____________________________________________

Please Read:  This agreement between Halls High Athletics and the authorizing party is for electronic advertising placement on the Video Board at Halls High School.  The authorizing party is responsible for providing finished digital artwork for their advertisement.  One version of their digital as artwork per contract.  Ad content deemed inappropriate may be rejected at the discretion of the Halls High School Athletic Department.  Projected advertising audience is based on estimates of attendance and is not a guarantee.  The authorizing party is responsible for payment and providing digital artwork by June 31st, 2024.