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Halls High School operating on "Red Line"

Halls High School will be operating in the "red" beginning 9/21/20 and going through 10/2/20.  Students will return to the classroom on Monday, October 5th, 2020.

During this time, students must sign in to their classes everyday in Canvas, completing & submitting all school work, including tests and quizzes.  Students must also sign in to Microsoft Teams to participate in live online classes.



1ST BLOCK:  8:30-9:15am

break:  9:15-9:25am

2ND BLOCK:  9:25-10:40am

break:  10:40-10:50am

3RD BLOCK:  10:50am-12:05pm

LUNCH:  12:05-12:50pm

4TH BLOCK:  12:50-2:05pm

break:  2:05-2:15pm

5TH BLOCK:  2:15-3:30pm


Breakfasts & lunches will be provided via drive thru on Mondays & Wednesdays.  Click here for more information on breakfast/lunch:  Meals for Students

During "Red Line", all sports and extracurricular activities are cancelled.

Any personal items or chromebooks that were left at school can be picked up by calling the school office (865-922-7757), and scheduling a pick up time.