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Summer School

Virtual Summer School/Credit Recovery

Gibbs High School will host Virtual Summer School/Credit Recovery throughout the summer.  Please complete the document below to participate in this program.  The cost for all students is $10.

Virtual Summer School Information


KCS Summer Driver Education

*Driver Education
This will be the only opportunity to register for summer driver education! Registration is
Tuesday April 30th, 5:30pm at West High School Library, 3326 Sutherland Avenue .
Students will be chosen via the lottery system the same day as registration. Parents must be prepared to
pay the $150 (cash or check only) class fee if their child is selected to participate. A limit of 36 students
will be chosen for each location.
Where: Your choice of Central High or Hardin Valley Academy
When: Classroom block time will be from May 28th- May 31st. (Tuesday – Friday) 8:30am – 12:30pm.
Attendance is mandatory!
• Driving and block times will be arranged at the time the student has been selected and the course fee
paid. Once classroom and behind-the-wheel time has been established, NO changes will be made to
the schedule. No exceptions!
• Range and Driving on the road portion will be divided into three (5) day blocks. Students will drive
only one of the three blocks. (8:30-10:30 or 10:30-12:30) June 3-7, June 10-14 or June 17-21.
• Contact Steve Huettel at if you have questions about Drivers Ed.