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Information Regarding Athletics

Winter Sports Guidelines-Updated January 29, 2021

1.  Capacity

A. Players’ parents/guardians, grandparents, and immediate household members only

B. Cheerleaders/Dance Team members’ parents/guardians, grandparents, and immediate household members only

C. First Responders

D. Coaching and team personnel

E. School, game, and facility administrators

F. Game Officials

G. Media and athletic scouting personnel attending the event in their professional capacity

H. Gym bleachers will be marked off to ensure physical distancing.

2. Participation

A. Basketball Teams

1. Home and Away– twelve (12) players may dress for game. Visiting team should come dressed.

2. Teams should physical distance on the bench.

3. Coaches and players who are not participating will be required to wear masks.

B. Freshman and JV games

1. Freshman and JV players will be allowed to play under the same regulations outlined for varsity.

C. Cheerleaders

1. Twelve (12) members may attend home and away KCS vs KCS games. Schools will make arrangements with non-KCS schools.

2. Twelve (12) members may participate if they can physical distance at home and away games and stay in designated areas.

3. Tickets

A. Ticket prices will be $6.

B. Tickets will be pre-sold by each school.

C. Tickets are refundable.

4. Concessions

A. Only pre-packaged foods will be made available.

B. Lines will be marked off for physical distance.

C. All concession workers will be required to wear masks and gloves.

5. Signage

A. Appropriate signage will be posted per TSSAA, NFHS, and KCS.

6. RED Protocol

A. If an individual school is RED, no extracurricular activities will be allowed for that school.

B. If the entire district is RED, no extracurricular activities will be allowed in the district.

7. Covid-19

A. If conditions elevate in the community, KCS would make a determination on the Status of sports.

B. Emphasize that all students, staff, and visitors need to follow the five core preventative Covid-19 measures:

1. Physical distance

2. Wear Face Masks

3. Stay home when sick

4. Clean and disinfect often

5. Wash your hands

8. Visiting Team

A. Visiting Team must follow basketball guidelines (share participation and ticket protocol with visiting teams well in advance of game day.)


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