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Information Regarding Athletics

January 2021 Update

The Governor has issued Executive Order No. 70, effective immediately and remaining in effect through January 19, 2021. Because of the significant increase in the incidence of COVID-19 infections in Tennessee, additional restrictions on who may attend interscholastic athletic practices and contests will be in place.

Unfortunately, large scale attendance by spectators and students must be curtailed. Doing so means that bands, pep bands, cheerleaders, and dance teams may not attend athletic contests while these restrictions remain in place. In accordance with the new Executive Order, the only attendees permitted at practices or games, in addition to the student-athletes on the team, are:

1. Players’ parents or guardians and immediate household members;
2. First Responders;
3. Coaching and team personnel;
4. School, game, and facility administrators;
5. Athletics officials; and
6. Media and athletic scouting personnel attending the event in their professional capacity.

Social distancing between persons from different households is required.

Masks are required.

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