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Professional Attire Information

Changes to Fulton Professional Attire Policy

 After working with groups of students, the following additions have been made to the Professional Attire Policy

  • Students have the choice of three options for shirts

    • TRADITIONAL OPTION - Collared shirt in the proper SLC color – solid color shirts (no stripes, designs, patterns); Students typically use a polo to meet this option
      • These can be long or short sleeve
      • Other shirts can be layered under the collared shirt

    • NEW OPTION – Fulton Family Short Sleeve T-Shirt in the SLC Color
      • These have a Fulton Family logo on the front left pocket and the back of the shirt
      • NOTE – Only Fulton Family shirts with logo’s on both sides are allowed (shirts given out at FalconFrenzy do NOT meet the expectation)

        Maroon shirts

    • NEW OPTION – Fulton Family Long Sleeve T-Shirt in the SLC Color.
      • These have a Fulton Family logo on the front left pocket and the back of the shirt

 Black shirts  

  • Students have two options for Jackets or Outerwear

    • TRADITIONAL OPTION – Students can wear a jacket or outerwear that has a clear base SLC color
      • Jacket can have writing or design on it
      • Jacket may NOT have a hood
      • Polo needs to seen under the jacket OR have on a Fulton Family T-Shirt

    • NEW OPTION – Fulton Family Hoodie
      • These Hoodies have the Fulton Family logo on the front of the hoodie
      • If students elect to remove the hoodie while at school, they must have one of the shirt options to wear in order to meet Professional Attire Expectations


  • Students are NOT allowed to have the hood on their head


  • There are no changes to our Professional Attire Policy in regards to pants



How Do I Get Some of the New Gear???!!!??!?!?!

  • Costs

    • Short Sleeve Fulton Family T-Shirts - $10.00
    • Long Sleeve Fulton Family T-Shirts - $15.00
    • Fulton Family Hoodies - $20.00

  • Two Ways to Buy

    • At Fulton High School
      • Cash or Check
      • Limited stock is kept at school

    • Website -
      • Credit Cards
      • Order online, delivered to the school for pick up by the student



NOTE – The new options are limited to only the Fulton Family T-shirts and the Fulton Family Hoodies, other Fulton T-shirts and Hoodies DO NOT MEET PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE expectations.


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