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Muse Apprenticeship Application


The Muse Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is an internship program aimed at recruiting “MAPologists” who will experience behind-the-scenes workings of a
children’s museum while increasing confidence, developing leadership skills, and connecting curiosity to careers.

Muse MAPologists work with museum professionals and volunteers to fulfill the vision of the program -- All youth prepared for meaningful and gainful employment fueled by a passion for lifelong learning.

With different pathways of focus -- Marketing & Research, Business, Education, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Mathematics) -- MAPologists can use their own interests to guide them through the program
each year. Each MAPologist will receive mentorship aligned with their pathway focus, and our goal is for each MAPologist to have a fun and meaningful experience that can continue year-to-year.

Full Muse application with description.

Muse Application

Fillable Muse application (download, fill out and then save as)