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KCS Quest Information

Dear KCS Families,


My name is Leanne Hawn and I am the Principal of Knox County's Quest Program for grades 6-12.  We are so very excited to serve KCS students and families this semester.  I wanted to provide you with some information regarding instruction beginning tomorrow, January 5th. Schedules are being updated by the minute, so you may receive this e-mail in error.  If so, please disregard and accept my apologies.  


First, please know that our teachers, our School Counselor, our Assistant Principal, and I will be monitoring progress and keeping in regular contact with families and base schools.  If you have any concerns or issues, please reach out to us and we will help you resolve the issue (all emails are listed at the end of this message).


For High School Students:


High school Quest courses will be denoted on a student's schedule as "Covid Quest Virtual."  Because students are coming to us from across the county and because students have a mix of base school and Quest courses, all high school Quest courses will be taught asynchronously, meaning that instruction will not be "live."  Instead, teachers will post content and assignments (with very clear due dates) and will be available for students to ask questions and receive extra help.  Students should reach out to his/her teacher when help is needed.  Teachers may offer some live Teams meetings to offer help in a larger session, but these will not be required.  Attendance will be recorded but will be based on work completion.  It is imperative that students log on to CANVAS each day and complete work by the due date.  On Tuesday, your child should log on to CANVAS and familiarize him/herself with the layout of CANVAS and begin exploring the courses that have been added.  The first couple of days will be focused on allowing students to become comfortable with the platform and for getting to know the teacher.  We know there may be some technological issues the first few days, so we want to allow time for that to be worked out before we begin posting content.  Again, schedules are changing rapidly, so please be patient as teachers work to add content.