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Do you need Edgenuity help? In order to log in you need to navigate to log in to your school email address. Once you are there, you will search for more Apps and you will see the link for Edgenuity. Once you do that, it will log in for you. 

If you simply search for Edgenuity and try to log in, IT WILL NOT WORK.

You will need to go to any KCS webpage and look for online services (it may be found under staff). Click on email and log into your email.

What is my username and password? 

Students and teachers will log into Edgenuity using their Office 365 username (For teachers: -- For Students: [example:] ) Passwords will be the same as the one used in Active Directory (for Aspen); which is the one used for email and when logging onto any KCS computer

Once you are in your email, you can go to the upper left and look for the option for more apps (it will be be a square that may say app launcher)

You can see it on this attachment as well.