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2024 Summer School Info

2024 Carter High Summer School Information
Dates and Times:
8:30 AM--12:00 PM daily, May 28 – June 28 (23 days). Please know that June 19 is a staff and student holiday.
Eligibility Criteria:
Students are eligible for credit recovery if they meet the following criteria:
· The student’s parent or legal guardian gives written consent for the student to enroll in the proposed credit recovery course. Parents/guardians should be informed that not all postsecondary institutions will accept credit recovery courses for credit and that the NCAA Clearinghouse may not accept credit recovery courses for credit;
· The student has previously taken an initial, regular section of the proposed course, received a grade of not less than fifty percent (50%), and the teacher of record for the failed course has no objection;
· Students who failed the course with a grade lower than 50% may only take the entire course for new credit. A student who is eligible for credit recovery can opt to take the course for new credit
Student Expectations:
All students are expected to attend credit recovery for the first 10 days. After that, it will be up to the school to determine whether or not students can complete the remainder of the course at home. Students must finish 50% of the course before being allowed to finish the rest of the course, except for the final exam, at home.