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KCS Virtual School 2021-2022

The application window for transferring to a KCS virtual school in the


2021-22 school year opened on Monday, May 3. The deadline to


submit a transfer application is 4 p.m. on Friday, May 14, 2021, and


approval notifications will be sent in June.



More information about the transfer process, including an online


application, is available at this link. Families can also apply by


submitting a paper form, and forms in multiple languages are


available below. As families submit paper applications to your school,


please send them to the Transfer Office every day, rather than


waiting until the deadline to send them all.



With questions, contact the Transfer Office via (865) 594-1502, or


visit our FAQ document at



» English transfer application



» Spanish application



» Arabic application



» Kirundi application



» Swahili application