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Senior Info from Miss Dei

  • Reminder:  The TN Promise MANDATORY webinar is available until May 15, 2020.  It can be found using the following link:   TN Promise Webinar


  • Senior Zoom Meeting:  Thursday 5/7 @ 2pm

Meeting ID: 892 4188 6652

Password: 023249



  • We are having a drawing for college signing day and the deadline is May 15th.  This year we will celebrate virtually on the "Gram."  Follow these steps to be placed in a drawing for $25 via gift card/cash app.  The deadline to post is May 15th and a winner will be announced on Thursday May 21st during the weekly Zoom meeting.  


  1. Create a sign that says "I'm Going" with the colors of the school you are going to attend in the fall.
  2. Take a picture in college swag (if you have it), holding the sign you created.
  3. Use #TNcollegesigningday & #AECareerBound in caption section.
  4. Tag @AECollegecorner, @AE_counselors, @beepbeepgrad, @trio_austineast.
  5. Post to your Instagram for everyone to see and celebrate you.