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Pick-up Information

Hello KMS Parents,

We hope you are well, and we want to let you know our plan picking up and/or dropping off items. I apologize for the long email, but please read carefully. Due to Knox County School guidelines, no parents or students are allowed in the school building except for enrollment, address change, transfer, etc. Please see my previous email for information on making an appointment with our secretary. Therefore, homeroom teachers will clean out lockers and place all items into a single bag labeled for each individual student.

To pick up your child’s locker items, medicine, yearbooks, report cards, and lost and found items, please come by the school at one of the designated times (whichever works best for your family):

May 20th, 1 PM - 4 PM
May 21st, 4 PM - 7 PM With 8th Grade Celebration
May 22nd, 9 AM - 12 PM

In order for pick up to go as seamless as possible, please help us by following these directions:

1.  Please make a sign if possible with your child’s first, last name, and homeroom teacher in very large print.
2.  Pull into the BUS LINE, not the car line. We are using the bus line because items will be in the gym awaiting you, and the bus line is much closer. Please enter from the side closest to the KMS marquee sign. Pull up and stop at the designated areas. Have the student name sign displayed in the front windshield area so “runners” can easily see it.
3.  A runner will retrieve your child’s items and will bring them out to you.

Bring all textbooks and library books, along with any other item needed to be returned to the school. (Note: Students are to keep consumable textbooks at home. They are not to be returned.) Have the bag labeled with your child’s first and last name and homeroom teacher. Hand the bag to one of the “runners,” in the car rider line.

If you have medicine to pick up, let the runner know so the nurse can come to your car.

Lost and found items will be located on tables in the parking lot closest to the baseball fields (weather permitting). Please pull to that area if needed once all items are received/returned and remember social distancing guidelines while browsing through the items.

If you have any questions or specific needs, please email your child's homeroom teacher for assistance. Also, please be patient as we do anticipate the possibility of long lines.

Thank you,

Brent Glenn, Principal