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Rising 8th Grade ELA Honors Summer Project Information

Eighth Grade Honors English


Welcome to 8th grade Honors ELA! We look forward to meeting you in the fall. We’re excited to announce our summer reading selections for all rising 8th grade Honors ELA students for the summer of 2023. The purpose of summer reading is to encourage students to read but also assist in avoiding large learning gaps!


Each student enrolled in 8th grade Honors ELA is responsible for choosing ONE book from the following list. For the assignment, students will complete literary analysis questions about their book which are provided for them with this letter. 


  1. Refugee by Alan Gratz

  2. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

  3. Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

  4. Ghost by Jason Reynolds

  5. Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

  6. My Own Lightning by Lauren Wolk (sequel to Wolf Hollow)


This assignment will be due Friday, September 8th, 2023. The grade from the literary analysis questions will be part of each student’s grade. The questions may be typed or handwritten, as long as they are legible.  


Each student is responsible for purchasing the book of their choice or acquiring a copy through the local library. Please feel free to reach out to your current ELA teacher with any questions. 


Happy Reading! 


You may contact Katherine Mosteller with any questions regarding the assignment.


We look forward to meeting you in the fall! 




8th Grade Honors ELA Teachers

8th Grade Honors ELA Summer Reading Assignment Questions


Literary Analysis Questions- For each question, construct a short response (3-4 sentences) on separate paper. You may type your responses, but it is not required. Answer all parts of the question, use complete sentences, and always explain your reasoning. 


  1. How does the title relate to the book?

  2. How believable are the characters?

  3. Which character do you identify with? Why 

  4. What makes the protagonist sympathetic or unsympathetic?

  5. Why do certain characters act the way they act? 

  6. Are the plot and subplots believable and interesting?How? Give examples.

  7. What loose ends, if any, did the author leave? Why?

  8. How is the book structured? (For example: Flashbacks? Multiple points of view? Etc.?) Why do you think the author chose to write the book this way?

  9. What types of symbolism do you find in this novel (at least 2)? What do these objects really represent? 

  10. What themes recur throughout the book? How is the setting of the book important to the development of the theme?


Thinking Outside the Book


  1. Does this book fit into a literary genre? How?

  2. Does the book address broader social issues? Describe.

  3. How is a particular culture or subculture portrayed? Explain. 

  4. Where could the story go after the book ends? What is the future of these characters’ lives?

  5. How does this book compare to other books you’ve read? Would it make a good Movie?