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Chromebook Collection


Dear Halls Middle Students & Families,


As we approach the end of the 2020-21 school year, all students must turn in their KCS-provided Chromebooks and chargers before they go home for the summer.  If your child will be attending summer school at Halls Middle or summer bridge at Halls High, Chromebooks will be provided to your student for school day use ONLY during those programs.  Summer school/bridge devices WILL NOT go home with students.


Student Chromebooks and chargers will be collected during regular school hours on the following dates:

  • In-person 8th graders - May 19
  • In-person 7th graders - May 20
  • In-person 6th graders - May 21
  • Virtual students - May 24
  • Any remaining students who missed their scheduled turn-in day - May 25 from 8:30AM-2:00PM


Any devices not returned to Halls Middle School by 2:00PM on Friday, June 4 will have police reports filed for stolen property, and families will be invoiced $250 for the cost the Chromebook.


Over the past three weeks, homeroom teachers have been completing KCS Asset Tag verifications and device health checks for student Chromebooks.  Any damages noted during these health checks have already had repair tickets opened.  Any other damages noted during collection will be ticketed at that time.   

REGARDING BILLING FOR CHROMEBOOK DEVICE DAMAGES--The parents/guardians of students who DO NOT have KCS Device Insurance will be billed over the summer for any damages to their student’s Chromebooks.  

REGARDING BILLING FOR MISSING/DAMAGED CHARGERS--Students must also turn in a Chromebook charger when they turn in their Chromebook. KCS will allow a generic charger to be turned in if you have lost or damaged the original one provided by the school. Chromebook chargers WERE NOT covered by the KCS Device Insurance program.

If your child has a Chromebook with a ROUND charger plug, you must turn in the original charger provided by the school or a compatible 65W charger for a Dell Chromebook 3120, 3180, or 3189. If your child has a Chromebook with a FLAT charger plug, you must turn in the original charger provided by the school or a compatible 65W USB-C charger for a Dell Chromebook 3100. These can be purchased online or at retail from Best Buy, Walmart, etc. If the original charger or a compatible replacement charger is not returned to the school during collection, parents/guardians will be billed $16.50 for a replacement charger.


Please email if you have any questions.


Have a great afternoon.


Andrew Bennett, EdD

Administrator of Technology & Data

Halls Middle School

865.922.7494 Ext. 41068

865.925.7493 Fax