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Virtual Student Orientation Guides

Below you can find Google Slides presentations and related YouTube video resources for family and student usage of Canvas, Chromebooks/Gsuite, and Microsoft Teams.  Teachers will cover this same information with our students, and these are the documents that Dr. Bennett will be using to host the virtual student orientation sessions.  Please email any questions to


Virtual Student Orientation Information for Families


Additionally, here is the link to the Knox County Schools Technology Device Procedures and Expectations document.


Please complete the Google Form once you have reviewed the Virtual Student Orientation Information for Families and the KCS Device Procedures and Expectations document:



Canvas Slideshow for Families


Canvas YouTube Video for Families


Canvas Slideshow for Students


 Canvas YouTube Video for Students



Chromebook/Gsuite Slideshow for Families


Chromebook/Gsuite YouTube Video for Families


Chromebook/Gsuite Slideshow for Students


Chromebook/Gsuite YouTube Video for Students



Microsoft Teams Slideshow for Families


Microsoft Teams YouTube Video for Families


Microsoft Teams Slideshow for Students


Microsoft Teams YouTube Video for Students




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