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Principal FAQ 7.21.20

Are students required to wear masks in the classroom?
• The majority of our classrooms do not allow for social distancing, so the expectation is that students will be wearing masks the majority of the day other than once they are seated at lunch and the few classes that can provide social distancing of 6 feet. If wearing a mask is an issue, then the virtual option would be best.

Do face shields count as masks?

• Face shields can be worn as additional safety measures with a mask, but a mask covering the nose and mouth must be used at all times.

Will students be switching classes? If so, how will desks be sanitized between classes? With Lysol wipes being in short supply what will be used for sanitation?
• Knox County's protocol for cleaning is as follows. Common areas such as administrative areas, libraries, cafeterias, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and hallways will be misted with a COVID-certified disinfectant daily, and classrooms will be misted at least every other day.

Will band classes be taught in person? What are the guidelines for band instruction safety as I am sure playing instruments is one of the more problematic classes?
• There is a KCS committee working on safety protocols. This information will be shared as soon as we receive it.

If a student is exposed or tests positive will they be able to work remotely?
• Classes are being structured using Canvas which will enable all students to access curriculum remotely.

If a student starts in person instruction can they switch to online in the middle of the first semester?
• The KCS policy states that decisions for in-person of virtual instruction must be made by July 22. A student would only change to a remote school based platform if they were out for an extended amount of time due to illness.

What about honors, PLE, or high school credit bearing class if I elect to enroll my student into virtual programing?

• The class offerings for the virtual program will be determined once we get the final number of students using virtual and the course loads of those students. Our desire is to offer as many PLE-style and Honors classes as possible, but those numbers will dictate what we can offer within the confines of our staffing and master schedule.